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What makes the Raw Induction Series special?


We kept it simple with contrasting textures and colors. Our base is crafted of a custom high strength concrete mix, while our charging surface is veneered from a sustainable cork oak forest in Portugal.


Our chargers use standardized Qi-based charging hearts. This means all Qi certified devices (ie: phones, tablets, cases, rings, and other adapters) will work seemlessly.


We wanted to design a charger that fit both devices from small smartphones to larger tablets, while not being ridiculously huge. As a result, the organic triangular shape was born. Some may call it beautiful. We call it Raw Induction™.

three devices

Our chargers support three devices simultaneously, with each heart providing an output of 5V/1a. We compliment that with a free-roaming induction coil configuration which requires less precision to get a proper connection. Just drop and juice up.


Concrete certainly isn't light and our prototypes were a bit on the husky side at nearly 15lbs. With some design refinements and playing with different admixtures, we put we put the #ConcreteCharger™ on a diet and trimmed it down to a svelte 6.8lbs (7.4lbs w/ Power Supply).


Keeping with our minimalist approach, we use an acrylic "lightblade™" to display our LED indication lights for each individual charging location and power state. White (Power On) and Red (Charging)


Our magical "smartcork™" charging top lets you make use of that geeky NFC feature built into that fancy phone of yours with a self-programable tag! We like to use it to change a ring profile while a device is charging or even to launch an alarm app for those using our chargers on nightstand. Just look for the RapidNFC™ logo and tap!

Our story

The Raw Induction™ Series is the answer to a simple design problem: wires, wires, everywhere. If they're not out, they're not convenient. If they're out, they're getting sucked up in our dyson, getting chewed on by our dog, or just looking plain ugly. Our solution are chargers that are well thought out, well crafted, beautiful conversation starters that some might consider functional art. Why concrete, you ask? Why not? It's not plastic and it's a material you wouldn't think to see housing cutting edge technology. Why cork, you ask? Don't most of us try to keep our beautiful new phones from ending up on the concrete? Well not only does it look amazing and compliment the concrete, but the cork naturally cushions your devices too.

I'm not quite sure how this baffling piece of witchcraftery works but, I'm guessing, magic is heavily involved. Leo Davie / That Should Be Mine
A concrete mattress for your smartphone. Kif Leswing / WIRED
O’Dea Design have built a gorgeous wireless induction charger. Man of Many / Australia
Wireless induction chargers don't need to look like space-aged objects circa 1984 — as evidenced by the Concrete Charger. Uncrate / USA
A new product by O’Dea Design brings a more grown up, wireless approach to cell phone recharging. Zak Stone / Fast Co.Exist
Most certainly an accessory that would appeal to modern art aficionados. Mike Chua / Mike Shouts
If you’re looking for a phone charger, it doesn’t get much better than the Raw Induction. Eric Bridges / Gadgets4Guys
We’ve seldom seen devices for charging smartphones and technology as supremely dapper as the Raw Induction from O’Dea Design. Leo Davie / TheCoolector
So we do a double salute to O’Dea Design because it’s a unique design that adds a touch of edgy attitude to a device that just sits there. Tamara Alleyne / designed by m


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